Free fix for view selection on pages with more then 1 webpart in SharePoint 2010

What are you talking about?
Don’t know if you have encountered this already, but when you add a webpart to a list, you no longer have the possibilty to choose a view on that list.
Let me elaborate:
When you have a list, you can click right next to the name to select a view.

When you add a content editor or another list on that page, the view option on top of the page disapears.

What is it ?
The solution is a free site feature fr om Pentalogic that you activate on for every site.
It works as follows:
o Looks for List View Web Parts that are present on a page but not set to visible and sets them to visible.
o On other web part and wiki pages it adds a List View Selector Menu for the first list view web part it can find.
o It uses the exact same interface that SharePoint normally uses, the user doesn’t have to do anything different to what they normally do.
More info here

The solution
Pentalogic has a free site feature that fixes this behavior.

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