Save 5 to 6 times more time when working with SharePoint ! (using vs. browser)

The people over at Mainsoft have conducted a study over at SP Technology conference in Boston to find out how much faster you can work with SharePoint using their tool

The outcome is well worth sharing!!Out of 103 lab-rats, the results are:

– It takes an average 61 seconds to upload an email on SharePoint, and 50 seconds to upload a document on SharePoint and attach a document link into email.

– Surprisingly, people needed more time to access SharePoint 2010 versus Office SharePoint Server 2007, perhaps because they were unfamiliar with the new interface.

– Using for SharePoint people completed the same tasks in 11 seconds, which was five to six times faster than using a browser.

In total, participants saved 61 minutes accessing SharePoint using versus using the browser.

Some participants:

About: Marijn

Marijn Somers (MVP) has over 14 years experience in the SharePoint world, starting out with SP2007. Over the years the focus has grown to Office 365, with a focus on collaboration and document management. He is a business consultant at Balestra and Principal Content Provider for "Mijn 365 Coach" that offers dutch employee video training. His main work tracks are around user adoption, training and coaching and governance. He is also not afraid to dig deeper in the technicalities with PowerShell, adaptive cards or custom formatting in lists and libraries. You can listen to him on the biweekly "Office 365 Distilled" podcast.

One thought on “Save 5 to 6 times more time when working with SharePoint ! (using vs. browser)”

  1. Thank you, Marijn, for sharing!

    Let's face it. There are many things in life I'd gladly wait 11 seconds to get (a green traffic light, a web page, hot water for my twin babies' bottles) but waiting a minute is pushing it.

    The same principle applies here.

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