Yesterday evening I went to HETPALEIS in Antwerp (my hometown ;)) for a live debate about User-generated content.. Not quite what I expected ( since SharePoint is all about content ;)), yet still it was a lively meeting of great visionaries with a lot of interaction of the crowd.. The panel consisted of:– moderator: Gareth … Read more

Advertising 2.0

April 12th, 2007 | Posted by Marijn in marketing | web2.0 - (0 Comments)

These days I am busy working on a paper with a friend of mine, Sara.She is graduating as a Marketeer and currently doing her internship at Markee in Ghent. She has decided to write the paper about Advertising 2.0…you read it right..2.0:)Ofcourse this has to do with “new media”.. Blogging, wiki’s, podcasts, screencasts..all those web … Read more

Mosaic generator

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Mosaic generator Looks cool 🙂

World Economic Forum web2.0 webcast

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The Impact of Web 2.0 and Emerging Social Network Models. watch it here

cool Web 2.0 video

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This small video shows in a very cool way the idea’s behind Web2.0simple and nicely sure to watch it!

This just in: The transcript of the keynote speech Bill Gates told the audience there..He announced many new products, like the Home server for sharing multimedia back home.. It’s amazing to see the progress over the course of the year, and truly the Digital Decade is happening. url: link

I recently invited some people I know over to the social networking site LinkedIn. When they asked my what the profits for them would be when they joined, I was happy I found this link from Guy Kawasaki. He talks about 11 (1 more than he stated in his title) reasons how you can use … Read more

The enchanted Office

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Once upon a time …. read this microsoft comic about the Office 2007 ribbon!! You can find it here:

Hacking a GTD Moleskine

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Today I found a nice article about Getting Things Done on the Hyalineskies website.. I found the link through one of the many RSS sites I am receiving feeds from ( Lifehacker).. This article gives a nice way to use your Moleskine notebook to the fullest…although I have my remarks with the usability to edit … Read more

On the blog pages of Peter De Haas, I ‘ve found a link to this document by Microsoft: This document presents a difference architecture process that creates a high-level reference architecture for a Lotus Domino to Microsoft technologies migration. You can use this document as a framework/reference point to build out a solution as you … Read more