Chris Poteet shares some great tips on the site: *Expose the global navigation from the parent site(s) in your subsites. It will help to orient users in the application. *When naming lists and libraries, use descriptive names that make sense to your audience. For instance, “Documents” isn’t a great name for a document library, … Read more

Just saw this while clicking around in MOSS..Just installed Visio 2007 last week and this is what I got to see in my actions menu on a list: It just adds a new link “Create Visio Diagram”. It only works in lists ( task list and issue list, not the custom list) So, off to … Read more

Imagine this case, like a customer of mine had: You have all kinds of project sites for all the projects in your company. Of course you have a site on top that links to all these sites, shows you some additional info etc.. Now, my client wanted to manage all issues on the top level … Read more

A good article on common mistakes that keeps your employees away from your intranet, by Martin Amm (CEO and one of the founders of adenin TECHNOLOGIES: 1)Assuming a one-size-fits-all home page will meet everyone’s needs. Give the users news that is for specifically for them. 2)Creating a one-way communication platform. Make it easy for users … Read more

That was a question I got in 2 training sessions, and I had to admit that I didn’t really knew the answer. I was sure you could edit the time, but I didn’t encountered it yet throughout my sharepoint-browsing. So I asked some of my collegues, and one (Tom Verhelst) came up with this one: … Read more

In this modern day called Information Age, we get washed away with information (TMI). So us humans ( IT-specialists and geeks to be precise) developed great systems to cope with these humongous information amounts like SharePoint, Wikipedia, Google,… At the Thinking Blog, they give 7 ways on how to cope with the amount of information … Read more

Keith Bunge tested his Live ID solution for SharePoint, and marked it as final. The login procedure is as follows: Click On The Sign In Link The Membership and Role providers are linked in to the SharePoint Forms Based Authentication (FBA) architecture. This means that the Sign in and Sign Out mechanisms are integrated right … Read more

Bart Wessels asks his reader to tell him what they show on a great SharePoint demo ? Well, here is my answer (in dutch): Wat laat ik zien op een sharepoint demo Bij het Dolmen team geef ik vaak presentaties voor klanten. De sfeer is altijd gemoedelijk, er worden vaak vragen gesteld om X of … Read more

On the blog pages of Peter De Haas, I ‘ve found a link to this document by Microsoft: This document presents a difference architecture process that creates a high-level reference architecture for a Lotus Domino to Microsoft technologies migration. You can use this document as a framework/reference point to build out a solution as you … Read more