Governance is the oil for your platform framework.

Balestra focuses on this governance and what it can mean for your organisation.

Governance plan templates

If you are starting with governance, you need a plan! You can create your own, or check out these to get a good starting point:

SharePoint Governance plan (Authors: Joel Oleson, John Ross & Jennifer Mason, Paul Culmsee)

Let’s Collaborate SharePoint Governance plan Long version / Short Version (Author: Veronique Palmer)

Microsoft Governance Checklist guide (Authors: Scott Case, robert Bogue (SharePoint MVP),Mark Wagner, Joel Oleson, Arpan Shah, Jeff Teper)

Microsoft Governance planning whitepaper (authors:Scott Jamison, Jornata LLC, and Susan Hanley, Susan Hanley LLC)

Info Tech Research Group Governance Template (you need to provide an email address in order to get the actual document)

A plan is not enough. You need to make sure that people read it, understand what is in there and why it is important. One of the ways to do that is by creating a SharePoint Governance site.