Yesterday at Biwug (I know, this sounds a lot like “this one time at bandcamp”) I got this really cool prize for being the first one to register: a copy of the book “Real World SharePoint 2010: Indispensable Experiences from 22 MVPs” by Wrox. It is a part of the “Programmer to programmer” series and … Read more

Already the last chapter of the book. Only now I realise that this book covers so many topics, but it is still only touching the top of the iceberg! I am busy on my next review, Trainsignal’s new SharePoint Administrator course which looks very promising. But now, hands on the matter at hand: Chapter 14, … Read more

All aboard the IRM Express as it leaves Jason Medero station and arrives on your SharePoint farm! All jokes aside, a chapter I awaited for some time because of the hot IRM issue companies all over the world ( and here in Belgium too ) have..So let us get started right away! Jason starts the … Read more

Whew, I reviewed Chapter 11 back in the beginning of Oktober, so it seriously time to carry on with the last chapters of the book. Here goes Chapter 12: Securing SharePoint Communication by Adam Buenz!! The breadth of SharePoint SecurityAdam starts this chapter by telling there are numerous ways to mitigate risks and harden SharePoint, … Read more

Aha, the long awaited chapter about Excel Services by Luis Du Solier Grinda.First off by saying this server-side Excel is not available in the standard SharePoint, something that ‘s sometimes forgotten. Furthermore, I must say that I have never used it for a customer, but I can certainly forecast that in the future this functionality … Read more

10th chapter allready, this time from the hand of Nick Swan, a MVP who’s blog I seem to run into almost every week! He talks about using the BDC, the Business Data Catalog, one of the greatest features in SharePoint 2007, which also shows that Microsoft is really caring about their customers and created an … Read more

Chapter 9, about developing workflows in Moss 2007, by collegue Joris Poelmans. Although he knew I was about the review his chapter, he didn’t buy me a hamburger today, so he must feel very confident about the quality of his chapter 😉 So, let’s get to it then!Windows Workflow Foundation is used in SharePoint 2007 … Read more

Chapter 8 and 9, both about Workflow in SharePoint. The first part, chapter 8, is about Workflow in WSS.It also covers the basics, like what is a workflow and why do I want one? Robert Bogue talks very enthousiastically about the product’s capability to facilitate, coordinate and track business processes. What is a workflowAccording to … Read more

On to chapter 7 already, for about 40pages on how web parts work. This chapter is very techy and hands on, so not really that much for me. This chapter was written by Jan Tielens.Web parts are the building blocks in SharePoint. Think of them as Lego pieces, that you can combine in order to … Read more

I read Chapter 6 today, all about the customizing and branding of the SharePoint interface. This is ofcourse a very important subject. I myself don’t like things the way they are designed, and although I am not a very good designer ( I even really suck, don’t I, Pieter? 😉 )For companies too, it is … Read more