Password change for FBA users

March 5th, 2010 | Posted by Marijn in code | codeplex | fba - (1 Comments)

For a client we did a lot of fba work, today i want to share the “change password” functionality. We started from the codeplex project, and added some extra properties we thought were usefull. The names speak for themselves 😉 CancelDestinationPageUrl ContinueDestinationPageUrl ContinueButtonText SuccessText SuccessTitleText PasswordLabelText NewPasswordLabelText Cancelbuttontext Changepasswordbuttontext Changepasswordtitletext Confirmnewpasswordlabeltext Long list of properties …
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A client has an FBA Environment for his extranet on SharePoint.  All pages on the extranet are protected by authentication, you need a username and password to access them. Now, what if you want to create pages that need no protection? In my case, pages to request access, to give your email and username when …
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So, you created this big portal for your suppliers, customers or other in SharePoint. You have implemented FBA but now you want to search in this extensive list of people ? Continuing on the FBA Codeplex solution by Stacy Draper, adding just a few lines of code can do this for you ! The FBA …
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