Using SPUtility.SendEmail (SharePoint way) Try Dim thisWeb As SPWeb = SPControl.GetContextWeb(Context) Dim toField As String = “” Dim subject As String = “Test Message” Dim body As String = “Message sent from SharePoint” Dim success As Boolean = SPUtility.SendEmail(thisWeb, True, True, toField, subject, body) Catch ex As Exception ‘ handle exception End Try More …
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Password change for FBA users

March 5th, 2010 | Posted by Marijn in code | codeplex | fba - (1 Comments)

For a client we did a lot of fba work, today i want to share the “change password” functionality. We started from the codeplex project, and added some extra properties we thought were usefull. The names speak for themselves 😉 CancelDestinationPageUrl ContinueDestinationPageUrl ContinueButtonText SuccessText SuccessTitleText PasswordLabelText NewPasswordLabelText Cancelbuttontext Changepasswordbuttontext Changepasswordtitletext Confirmnewpasswordlabeltext Long list of properties …
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I ran into a question from a client, who was working with FBA. He wanted to simplify his portal for extranet users, so he wanted to display a log out link on his page. It turns out the solution is really simple: just create a link to the _layouts/signout.aspx page in a content editor webpart. …
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