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Make promoted links in SharePoint smaller

February 1st, 2015 | Posted by Marijn in code | css | design | SharePoint 2013 - (1 Comments)

CSS code that allows you to make the promoted links tiles bigger or smaller.
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Workshop SharePoint: Werken in de wolken (dutch)

October 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Marijn in demo | enduser | events - (0 Comments)

Samen met Wouter Van Daele geef ik een workshop over “SharePoint: Werken in de wolken”. Deze workshop gaat door op 5 november in het Ingenieurshuis in Antwerpen.
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Turn off the “Minimal Download Strategy” when you are running scripts from your masterpage!
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Hide “Updated pages” in Office 365 wiki

May 12th, 2014 | Posted by Marijn in collaboration | css | design | wiki - (10 Comments)

The code to hide “Updated Pages” part on wiki libraries has changed somewhat from older versions of SharePoint. The code now is: Simply add a “Content Editor webpart” on your page. Go the html source and add the following script. The script just hides the block via CSS.

Every now and again SharePoint still manages to amaze me. One would think that after 8 years of intensive SharePoint activity, I would have learned all tricks of the trade. Yesterday, I had another eye-opener that I was not prepared for (in a good way)! The clients question was: I have a list with titles …
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My slides from SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2014: Using SharePoint to get a LEAN enterprise.
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No more huge scripts to add rows to your promoted links. Here is an example to do it with just 3 lines CSS.
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Remove eternal users from appearing in people-pickers
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Here is an excellent overview by”Learning SharePoint“on what the various top level elements on your SharePoint online are and how to hide them if you want to! In short (mostly for my own reference): You can find much more information and code on the website!

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