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Password change for FBA users

March 5th, 2010 | Posted by Marijn in code | codeplex | fba - (1 Comments)

For a client we did a lot of fba work, today i want to share the “change password” functionality. We started from the codeplex project, and added some extra properties we thought were usefull. The names speak for themselves 😉 CancelDestinationPageUrl ContinueDestinationPageUrl ContinueButtonText SuccessText SuccessTitleText PasswordLabelText NewPasswordLabelText Cancelbuttontext Changepasswordbuttontext Changepasswordtitletext Confirmnewpasswordlabeltext Long list of properties …
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A client has an FBA Environment for his extranet on SharePoint.  All pages on the extranet are protected by authentication, you need a username and password to access them. Now, what if you want to create pages that need no protection? In my case, pages to request access, to give your email and username when …
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UPDATE: Find the 2010 version here !! Struggling to find a good way to display a url in a list (output generated by the codeplex listsearch project), I found this solution from PathToSharePoint. Normally, when you use a calculated column to create a dynamic link, you get the full url, like “”, when you want …
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Configure PDF iFilter on 64 bit machines

January 25th, 2010 | Posted by Marijn in codeplex | sharepoint - (1 Comments)

The indexing of PDF’s at a client was not working. Together with a coworker (tnx Robbert Kloosterman) we fixed it by changing a registry value.   Round up: 1. install PDF iFilter for 64 bit 2. install the icon (easy fix: ttp:// 3. start – run – regedit 4.  go  to “\\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\OfficeServer\12.0\Search\Applications\{site GUID}\Gather\Portal_Content\Extensions\ExtensionList 5. add …
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PDF icon on SharePoint: easy codeplex setup

January 13th, 2010 | Posted by Marijn in 3d party tools | codeplex - (0 Comments)

I used this codeplex project at a client this week: a very easy way to install the PDF logo on a SharePoint Server. Simple “next-next-finish” type of installation, saves you some time. For a detailed explanation on how to add the icon manually, click here.

At work we got a request to help someone out who was configuring a large workflow in SP Designer 2007 for a large BioTech company. We quickly got stuck with the activities that are ootb, but my coworker pointed me to these 2 solutions with extra activities !! 1. SPDActivities on Codeplex by unclepaul84 This …
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Put a clock on your SharePoint site

December 29th, 2009 | Posted by Marijn in design | sharepoint - (1 Comments)

For a customer I was implementing a clock on their homepage. Boy, you really find a lot of html clocks on the web..some more ugly then others and some with more weird logos as well.. So, instead of putting the html code into a Content Editor WP, let us look at the specific solutions that …
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searching for FBA users on SharePoint 2007

December 24th, 2009 | Posted by Marijn in fba | sharepoint - (2 Comments)

So, you created this big portal for your suppliers, customers or other in SharePoint. You have implemented FBA but now you want to search in this extensive list of people ? Continuing on the FBA Codeplex solution by Stacy Draper, adding just a few lines of code can do this for you ! The FBA …
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create a log out button on SharePoint 2007 – 2010

December 18th, 2009 | Posted by Marijn in code | sharepoint - (2 Comments)

I ran into a question from a client, who was working with FBA. He wanted to simplify his portal for extranet users, so he wanted to display a log out link on his page. It turns out the solution is really simple: just create a link to the _layouts/signout.aspx page in a content editor webpart. …
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Asif Rehmani (MVP and trainer) published this really useful post on EndUserSharePoint about SharePoint Designer 2010! He uses 10 highlights to explain that SPD has got a lot of enhancements in this recent edition!! He also has some stuff on video.. The highlights are: 1. New User Experience with Summary Pages, Ribbon and Quick Launch …
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