Office 365 Distilled EP 9: How technology is ruining our James Bond experience

The last episode before we hit the double digits!
For this episode we are still on our rooftop in sunny Barcelona!

After a recap on how long we are in this business we dive into how technology is ruining our lives..

At a visit to the Barcelona casino, we saw the good old chips experience “modernized” into ipads and screens (unless you are ready to pay some big money on the big betting tables who still have chips). Getting us to realise that romance is dead. It was killed by technology.

6:45: How Microsoft is rolling out new apps: Forms now has a “Pro” version.

8:00: alternatives to private channels in Teams. Don’t overcomplicate things, try emailing, new document libraries or (named) group chats where you can share documents too

10:30: Delve: get your security model right

11:00 profound comment of the day: what would we want to change in O365
Marijn would love to see things getting easier for end users: just 1 way to do something in O365. 365 has come very far in making it much easier for end users, but there are still a plentitude of ways to do things there. Also multiple apps that do more or less the same thing.

14:55 choice is not something what everyone wants

17:50: the mysterious plaque on the wall in the Sagrada Familia

19:00 because an O365 is expensive and takes a lot of prep time, it better look very complicated with lots of buttons!

21:30: the dress


We did a few live tastings (and you can really tell by the quality of the talk and the sound 😉 ):

First up: The Collage art & social cocktail club

Woodford Reserve vs Woodford Reserve Rye
While the ‘normal’ reserve gives you that explosion, the rye is much more subtle and smooth.

Next up we went to the Bankers Bar in the Mandarin Oriental hotel
Marijn drank a Hudson Manhattan rye which was super cool. Small bottle, huge flavor!

Steve played it safe with a The Balvenie doublewood which is warming with nuts and cherry.

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About: Marijn

Marijn Somers (MVP) has over 14 years experience in the SharePoint world, starting out with SP2007. Over the years the focus has grown to Office 365, with a focus on collaboration and document management. He is a business consultant at Balestra and Principal Content Provider for "Mijn 365 Coach" that offers dutch employee video training. His main work tracks are around user adoption, training and coaching and governance. He is also not afraid to dig deeper in the technicalities with PowerShell, adaptive cards or custom formatting in lists and libraries. You can listen to him on the biweekly "Office 365 Distilled" podcast.