Office 365 Distilled ep3: Baseline governance, PROSCI ADKAR and a whiskey

November 16th, 2018 | Posted by Marijn in Governance | podcast

Welcome to another laid back, chill, distilled conversation about Office 365 and end with a nice irish whiskey! This episode we talk about baseline governance and share what we are doing and pondering about.

Contents of Office 365 Distilled ep3

Learnings from this week

  • Microsoft wanting to send end users mails tips and trics (but they retracted it for now) doesn’t feel good for Marijn who is a bit of a control freak. Steve likes the idea as all information helps to get the message out and get people to try new things. There is a fine line of giving users too little or too much information.
  • When creatin a design document, start with a baseline governance
  • Changing roles from on-prem to cloud – you need to transform your people to fill the new roles
  • PROSCI adoption certification – ADKAR process

13.45 Baseline governance

  • What is baseline governance vs getting it first time right all the way
  • What are a few governance questions that you can ask for every application ?
  • Making public links available for just 20 minutes, why would you do that ?
  • 26.00 Shout out to Joanne C Klein on wether or not using content type hubs or pnp-powershell

30.00 Whiskey

For our 3d episode we travel to Ireland and get a taste of an Irish whiskey: Teeling Small Batch

Small Batch

35.40 Takeaways

  • Think about baseline governance and the questions you need to ask
  • PROSCI ADKAR model

And if you listen close you hear our guest dog barking in the background around 7.50

Let us know what your thoughts were about this episode in the comments, or talk to us on twitter: @marijnsomers and @seisteve.

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