Issue with javascript / jquery not firing on a SharePoint 2013 page or masterpage?

May 19th, 2014 | Posted by Marijn in code | customization | fix | jquery / javascript

I just spend a few hours analyzing why my Javascript/jQuery was not firing on my masterpage. Everything was good, I was down to using the simplest of code:

_spBodyOnLoadFunctions.push(function() { alert(“test”); });

No pop-up. It was in my source code. No script errors. Nothing. Silent. Dead.
Was there something wrong? Should I use document.ready ? Ofcourse not.

Once again, Elio Struyf came to the rescue. He asked me if the “Minimal Download Strategy” feature was enabled. Yes it was, I replied with a frown.

Apparantly, when you put scripts in your masterpage with the MDS feature enabled, things go horribly wrong. So, turn it off and see your javascript or jQuery running on the page!

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