SharePoint 2013 free design tool by Microsoft: Color Palette Tool

Microsoft has added a new free tool to its myriad of cool solutions: SharePoint Color Palette Tool. You can download this  free of charge from the Microsoft Download Center website.

What is a Color Palette ?

If you have been playing around with SharePoint 2013, you probably saw the new design wizard that lets you choose a theme for your site.

By default, 32 of those themes are available out of the box. You can create your own by creating a .spcolor file.

 sharepoint 2013 theme wizard

A .spcolor file is actually an xml file that consists of an element and the value of that element, much like CSS files to design a website.

More information and a full table of all items here: Understanding Color Palettes on the msdn website

This post has some easy to read but very complete material: SharePoint blog


Why do I need this tool ?

Well, you can go ahead and do manual editing of a big xml file, or you can use this easy and straight forward design tool.

It looks like this:

 SharePoint 15 color palette tool

Functionality is very straight forward:

You can change the values via a color picking or by editing the values, add a background image, do a preview and save the whole thing as a .spcolor file.

Easy as pie, but will save some hours designing sites !

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