InfoSecurity study shows that two-thirds of SharePoint users have no security policy

February 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Marijn in business | document management | Governance | review | sharepoint

In a study conducted by InfoSecurity-magazine and Emedia and sponsored by Boldon James results show that “shocking two-thirds of SharePoint-using companies in a recent survey have admitted to having ‘no active security policy’ in place for the application”.

In the study they contacted a wide range of business from -25 users to +5000 users. Half of those respondends were currently using SharePoint, the other half was planning to get SharePoint.

A huge 75% of those respondends claimed they had no security policy in place. And 22% of the respondends has no plans to develop one.

Survey answer infosecurity

Image provided by Boldon James

Survey results

The survey concluded that a organisations need a way to label the sensitivity of their information. Yet, the study shows that only 17% mark both email and files. Governement agencies commonly use protective marking to minimize inadvertent disclosure of confidential information, commercial organisations use protective marking to control intellectual property or customer data.


(and that is just what the sponsor, Boldon James, provides 🙂 )

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