SharePoint 2010 Batch Edit functionality (free codeplex solution)

July 14th, 2012 | Posted by Marijn in 3d party tools | codeplex | customization | document management | free | metadata | quick tip | sharepoint 2010

One of my clients is doing the full migration from a fileserver to a SharePoint environment. One of their large pieces of content is an image library, with a lot of images from office parties, buildings, people and so on.

It didn’t took long to convince them to do the actual migration to SP, but they had one big question: They wanted to have a quick way to add metadata to the pictures, while also viewing the actual thumbnail. They wanted this functionality to quickly tag all pictures of a certain building at the quickest way possible.

In short: an “edit in datasheet”  but with the thumbnail visible (which is not happening today).So I did what I always do when a client wants a customization: Google it!

I didn’t find any real solutions, but then I got to codeplex and found the Batch Edit functionality.

Batch Edit solution

While it doesn’t exactly do as required, it was still a solution to the need of the client!Result: Another happy customer!

The Batch Edit functionality is quite simple and genius at the same time, allows you to select multiple documents and edit the metadata for all those documents at the same time in a pop-up window. After you install the solution, a new button appears in your ribbon to change those metadata fields at once. A great collaboration between TamTam and OrbitOne!

batch edit button

batch edit button

For my client, I had to use the asset library because the picture library does not have a ribbon!

batch edit items

batch edit items

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