Reviewed: Axceler PinPoint – a free SharePoint Governance tool to show your most active or largest sites

July 6th, 2012 | Posted by Marijn in 3d party tools | free | Governance | productivity | sharepoint | sharepoint 2010 | tools

When doing Governance in your SharePoint environment, you might want to keep your sites in check regarding disk space and bandwith. If sites are growing too fast or consume a lot of network traffic, it might be interesting to put them on another farm with faster architecture. But even when you just have 1 farm, checking up on site (and document) disk usage and traffic can be very interesting.

The free tool from Axceler, PinPoint, does just that: it allows you to get a quick overview on your largest sites and largest documents (up to 99 of them) , in both a grid view as in a very cool chart to show in your Governance sessions or other meetings.

A free tool for identifying your most popular and largest SharePoint sites and documents. You can use information from PinPoint to more closely follow your organization’s SharePoint governance plan.

Using PinPoint, you can quickly see what your users are looking at and where they are congregating. PinPoint also allows you to find sites and documents that are seldom viewed and might warrant removal.

Just download and install the tool on one of your front end servers, start it up and take a look at the info!

I just took a look at one of my VM’s and got this nice list of my largest sites, the url and the size they actually take. You can have a list up to 99 sites.

pinpoint larges sites

If you are a visual person, a chart tool is also added to the program. You can choose between a bar, line or pie chart.

It looks quite cool!

pinpoint chart site size

Same story with the largest items in your environment.

pinpoint largest items

You can even filter and group your results!

pinpoint filtering

Conclusion on Axceler PinPoint

It is a free tool that can give you a lot of information about the way your SharePoint is used. Something really useful (which I couldn’t find in the application) would be to filter/group on site collection or even web application.

Bottom line: you can definitely use this tool when you are managing your platform!

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