Essential free 3d party add-ons for SharePoint

October 27th, 2008 | Posted by Marijn in 3d party tools | sharepoint

Microsoft’s partner-based model for platforms such as SharePoint is a great way to work..everyone can build functionality and applications to use in that platform..

A result of this way, is that there are A LOT of different applications and features out there. Most of them are listed on the codeplex website, and the others are listed on numerous websites of numerous MVP’s..

That’s why I decided to create a list with interesting (free) 3d party add-ons that give a great enhancement to our beloved platform.. I do expect this list to grow rapidly, and I do need your input for maintaining this list..

Target group: CIO’s, SharePoint Consultants and everyone else who is implementing SharePoint or thinking about implementing this platform.

I dont want this list to become too technical (like the other lists I found online), but just a non inclusive list of great add-ons to enhance the SharePoint experience..useful site templates, types of metadata, applications or webparts..stuff like that.

zip all documents in a document library
Add an “up folder” to a document library
wiki2.0 webpart to upload pictures easy

Facebook and Birthday webparts
Enhanced Content Query webpart
Embed Rich Media
Embed video via Silverlight 1.0
RSS Feedreader
Ad rotator
Image upload webpart
VirtualEarth webpart

Facetted Search
index PDF files in your search
Wildcard search

Rating webpart
AutoComplete Textfield

Business Processes


Please, do write me an email or comment if you think of any others..I want this to become a list with useful, free extra add-ons..

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